Most famous spa town of the Czech Republic

Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary


Top highlights of local architecture are typical colonnades that offer not only a comfort for patients who follow healing drinking - cure but they are as well pearls of architecture and remnants of famous Spa tradition.


Becher´s digestive drink has been produced in Karlovy Vary since 1807 according to Becher´s family recipe, according to whom called the street where the apartment is located is named. Nearby there is the Jan Becher Museum, where this herbal liqueur can be tasted.

Thermal Spa

Relaxing massages, whirlpool baths in thermal water, pleasant warm compresses and wraps are not available only to spa patients. Just let us to tell you where to relax and spoil yourself.
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Apartment Luxury Nostalgia

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Apartment Luxury Nostalgia

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